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Taiga Lures Saga 7 cm

Each Taiga Lures model has gone trough an extensive product development process. All models have undergone many improvements until certain features have been reached – such as an optimal swimming action even at high speed.


Our lures show characteristics of the trends of traditional Finnish lure making. However, we try to mix old thoughts with new ones. A simple example of this is the extra large eye that can be found on most of our models. Experience has shown that a lure with a big eye catches more fish. Try to think of fly fishing. A trout can distinguish a tiny fly on the water surface. It also does perceive a large 3D eye that finally triggers it to strike. This is one reason that makes Sampo so outstanding in catching trout.


Saga product family represents a series of wobblers that are each effective in their own fields. Saga 7 cm is good for rainbow trout and salmon. Saga 10 cm has a more narrow swimming action. It suits well for trolling after zander and trout. Saga 13 cm is best at catching pike and large zanders.


Sampo and Otto have been successful at several tests.  We do claim that Sampo is one of the best salmon species lures in Finland while Otto may be the most effective Finnish perch lure of all time... Try them yourself and be convinced!


Inka equals innovation! Inka 8 cm is probably the first spoon lure in the world where the weights are placed to the absolute rear end and the absolute front end of the lure. This creates a strong scattering action that the predators cannot resist.

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