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Taiga Lures is a fishing lure manufacturer that was established in 2011. We are located in Hollola, Finland.


Taiga Lures combines traditional lure crafting skills with computer aided modeling expertise. These skills make it possible to bring together the best of Finnish lure making trends and the effectiveness of modern technology. We believe this results simply as better lures for our customers.


We aim at high quality and reasonable pricing. We do test and adjust the swimming action of each wobbler.






A new global distributor: Wake Fishing Ltd.


Wake Fishing Ltd now takes care of the distribution of Taiga Lures products globally. Taiga Lures Ltd continues to develop new lure models, colors and marketing material. With this arrangement we really look forward to reaching more fishermen with our great product line.








ICAST 2015, Orlando, Florida


Taiga Lures presented its products at the world's largest sportfishing trade show, ICAST. The feedback was good. Special attention was given to the design and beautiful colors of our lures. New partnerships were established to several countries.






Taiga Lures is now a member of EFTTA.


Taiga Lures has become a member of EFTTA (European Fishing Tackle Trade Association).






Inka equals innovation!


Inka is the first lightened spoon lure in the world that has weights only on both ends of lure. This creates a nice scattering action that has not been seen on a spoon lure before. Check the action of Inka from this video (Inka can be found towards the end).






Taiga Lures just got a new website.


We have tried to find a simple style that gives room for what we consider the most important: the lures. The site has been completely designed and implemented by our own team.



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