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Sampo 5 g

The smallest Sampo is a good choice when other lures don’t work. Sampo 5 g catches many species such as perch and salmon fish including whitefish. Does not twist the line.

Taiga Lures Sampo 5 g



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Inka equals innovation!



Saga 13 cm

Taiga Lures Saga 13 cm

The largest Saga catches well both pikes and big zanders.

Inka 8 cm

Taiga Lures Inka 8 cm

New kind of a scattering action that has not been seen in a spoon lure before.

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Sampo 8 g

Taiga Lures Sampo 8 g
Taiga Lures Erä Magazine Award - Lure of the year!

The award-winning spinner that does not require much introduction.

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